Photos by John Agnew, Report by Scott Morley

Eleven riders departed from Dalton Square in still and relatively mild if rather misty conditions for a hilly ride over Jeffrey Hill and Waddington Fell. A steady pace meant the group was able to stay together on the way out through Scorton and Inglewhite. As the gradient increased leaving Longridge the group started to splinter, with the leading riders soon being joined by Clive who unexpectedly appeared through the mist riding in the opposite direction.

Lune RCC A Run – Sunday 6th November


A chilly morning greeted the Lune A run as it gathered in Dalton Square, but don’t get me wrong, there were no complaints as it promised to be a stunning day and it didn’t disappoint. After we’d adjusted our watches to Dunlop Time which lags behind GMT by approximately 10 minutes about 20 riders left for the scheduled Kirkby Lonsdale / Sedbergh / Hawes / Ingleton run. 

Photos by John Dodgin

Lune RCC A Run ride report 6th February 2011 – WHIRLWIND TRIP TO LONGRIDGE & THE FYLDE

Lune RCC A run - Windy and wet but very fun

With weather conditions set to worsen the planned route for Windermere was cancelled. Instead a wind-cheating ride through the lanes to Longridge was proposed. Eight riders ventured out from Dalton sq into the headwind for Galgate.The group then turned left into the shelter of the lanes ,making swift progress Scorton was reached with a couple of die hards making a sprint for the sign. Down a rider ‘THE MAGNIFICENT 7’ turned left after Scorton by the Wyre.

Lune B Run Sunday 23rd January – All roads lead to “Wilfs Cafe”


The local roads, again displayed an icy sheen as we greeted each other on a cold but thankfully dry Sunday morning. So caution was the name of the day and the planned visit to Staveley through the villages of Brigsteer and Crook on the eastern side of the Lyth Valley were temporarily shelved and the riders of the Lune, Leaderless once more, headed in A general Northerly direction still undecided as to our destination but in agreement to stay off the lanes were shaded corners and icy run offs awaited any  unsuspecting soul.

Lune A Run Sunday 23rd January – Almost like dancing on ice

Lune Club Run 23 January


A bright and relatively mild day saw 13 Lune riders leave Dalton Square for a run up to Kirkby Lonsdale, Killington Reservoir, Sedbergh, Barbon and back via Arkholme. A steady pace was set going out to Kirkby Lonsdale where a minor detour was thrown in just to test our collective knowledge of the Kirkby Lonsdale one way system (yes it does have one!). Having got ourselves back on track the climb out toward Old Town saw the Johns, Julian and Nic out front battling it out for the honours which I think went to a John.

16th January A Run – damp and windy tour up and down some nice lanes

Let’s set the scene first. Saturday afternoon, still glowing from a great ride out in severe weather with James Dunlop, John Dodgin, Chris Morley (and for a brief moment Kipper), I look up again at the Sunday ride list. I know I am supposed to lead the next day’s ride over Bigland — what must be one of my (many) favourite climbs around*. I Look up at the maps online. Mmmm…. Gummers How then Bigland? It was clear the guesstimate of a route that I put forward all those months ago was not going to fly. So, I proceeded to work on a revised ride so the group could drop into Lindale. This is version 1.0 published: “Tomorrow’s club ride route is out. should get some good miles out of that 😉

Sunday 9th January – B Run. Through the Trough and back

The first Sunday morning for several weeks without ice and snow saw eleven B group riders wave the Dales destined A group, led by Ella, away from Dalton Square before setting out themselves for a more leisurely south easterly route. They rolled down the A6 to Galgate before swinging east into the lanes where the climbs encountered around the Dolphinholme road race circuit proved a good test for unfit legs and lungs.

Sunday 2nd of January B+ Run Gummers How

The Lune B+ run eventually left Dalton Square around 9.15’ish having agreed on Gummers How as the primary objective for the day – a previously aborted run due to a lack of interest after the club dinner. The group numbered around 11’ish including John A, John, Johnny, Nev, Julian, Tinner, Paulo, Hass, Chris M, Mark & Clive and after some minor route discussion settled on the Kellets, Burton, Hole and MiInthorpe as an alternative to the well worn A6 route north. The pace was brisk early on but eventually settled into a steady pace allowing Hass to get into full flow even on the uphill sections!