2019 Coal Road Challenge

2019 Coal Road Challenge

Sunday 24th February

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About Us

About Us

Road and Circuit Racing | Time Trial | Cyclocross | Sportif and Grand Fondo

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Ride List

Ride List

Dalton Square 9am on Sundays

Sunday11th dec B run.

After looking at the forecast on sat night, Sunday was looking a little better ? but Sunday dawned and it was looking grim, raining but quite mild with a light breeze, at 9.00 it seemed to be easing a bit knowing  our B group are always a bit slow to leave i didn’t rush out

Sunday 18th Dec Christmas B Run.

Ho” Ho” Ho” come and join us for our annual festive B run 9.00 Dalton Square,              Crag Bank, Storth, Sand side, Moss Lane, Levens, Brigsteer, Underbarrow, Kendal, Oxenholme,              Kirby Lonsdale, Tunstall, Lunch At Lunesdale Arms, Caton.                                                     “PS Bling Up The Bike“                                                         Howard.

sunday B run 4th Dec

The weather forecast for Sunday was looking grim to say the least, after very heavy rain and strong winds on Saturday night i was debating weather i was going to bother turning out, but Sunday dawned looking Grey but dry and quite cold, this type of weather is a good time to try your winter

Club clothing

ORDER FORM to print 2012.xlsx Download this file Sorry its taken a while, been rather busy. Club clothing order form attached. Cheques payable to Lune RCC, complete with completed order form to be received no later than Sunday 11th December. Other items available, see http://www.endura.co.uk/Dept.aspx?dept_id=134 and ask me for prices. Any questions, send a dm to

B RUN 27th November;

On the corresponding Sunday of 2010, winter had tightened its icy grip on the country and cycling activity was restricted to well gritted A roads.     Thankfully Sundays ride North to Grange was undertaken in a far more autumnal setting, the fallen branches dislodged by the previous nights gales together with a build up of

Lune ‘B’ Run 21 November

There was no shortage of flashing bike lamps last Sunday in the vicinity of the roads leading up Dalton Square as the riders on the Lune run had to contend with a fair bit of morning mist at the start of their ride. A good sized group of 19 riders assembled in the shadow of Queen Victoria on a winter run which would take them through the Trough of Bowland, incorporating the major climb of Boundary Hill from the steep side at Dunsop Bridge.


Photos by John Agnew, Report by Scott Morley

Eleven riders departed from Dalton Square in still and relatively mild if rather misty conditions for a hilly ride over Jeffrey Hill and Waddington Fell. A steady pace meant the group was able to stay together on the way out through Scorton and Inglewhite. As the gradient increased leaving Longridge the group started to splinter, with the leading riders soon being joined by Clive who unexpectedly appeared through the mist riding in the opposite direction.

Lune RCC Forum Update

Many thanks to Heff for looking after the Lune Forum for many years even 5 years after moving away from Lancaster. As you may have noticed activity on the Lune forum is no longer what it used to be with much of the club’s banter taking place on Twitter and Facebook nowadays, for very good reasons. (Ah the good old days…)