The Lune RCC on Rapha RendezVous

Hell has finally frozen over… Rapha has created something that may be of value for FREE. Yes, you read it correctly. A FREE Rapha product. If you have a phone of the Apple iPhone variety, why not head to the Apple Store… The application is quite basic, it allows people to discover rides in their areas, join cycling groups and send message to each other. Being the nerd that I am I have created a group Called the Lune RCC (geddit?) and started adding the upcoming Sunday winter rides. 

Otterspool Park Cyclocross NWCCA Round 7 – 30th October 2010

Otterspool Park - Closed Cafe

The Lune RCC Mafia, as Simon Wilson described it on the start line, was out in force on Saturday: Jack Pullar (Herbalife-Wheelbase), Ella Sadler-Andrews (Horizon Fitness), David Switzer and I. 

Excellent course. The roots caused me quite a lot of problems. I think every single root on the course interacted at one point or another with my tyres with some comic effect.