Nev Pearson and Mt Ingleborough in the backdrop. (Photo courtesy of Clive Davis)

After some deliberation about ice on the planned route it was decided to make some strategic alterations in order for all riders to stay upright on another sub zero morning.

A group of 12 B and A riders travelled via Caton to Bentham where they climbed steadily to the summit and over the moors to cross the A65 through to Clapham. After another short stint on the A65 the group then climbed above Austwick where the road was intermitently patchy with ice spots. The riders avoided the planned descent of ‘John’s Lane’ which would have been a bridge too far for the safe return of the polar explorers. At Helwith Bridge the group turned left and rode through Horton in Ribblesdale where a puncture and snowball fight gave the group an opportunity to enjoy the stunning winter scenery and almost total absence of traffic. After turning left at Ribblehead the short climb to the summit offered magnificent views of the viaduct followed by the fast descent to Ingleton for welcome refreshments. The return run was then a planned split with one group heading on the smaller lanes back over Ravensclose and Wray whilst the other favoured a quicker route through Burton in Lonsdale and Melling. After a late night at the club dinner the preceding night the riders were pleased to have braved the cold covering 60 miles on largely safe and quiet roads.

Des C