It is always a pleasure to celebrate Christmas and review the year amongst friends. This year was no exception. We are all thankful to Des for organising 2010’s dinner closer to base at the Borough in Lancaster. Nothing much to ask beyond good food, quality beverages, good company to accompany the excellent banter. The banter and tongue in cheek humour traditionally found on Lune RCC club runs were also the name of the game for the introductory speech by Ben Greenwood. Ben did a marvellous job at introducing the club to his Rapha-Condor-Sharp teammate, Dean Downing. A series of highly relevant questions were put to Dean. It was refreshing to know that looking good is one of his top tips for the new racing cyclist . Dean was generous in giving away some other training tips including that if one stays at a Cafe long enough (say more than two and half hours), one can consider the return home as a second training session. This very fact makes cafe stops an essential training feature for the racing cyclist. (and it elevates Dean as one of my cycling heroes… alongside Fignon, Robic, Hinault and Dobby)

The dinner was concluded with the award of this year’s club trophies. The highly coveted Stabilisers Trophy went to Howard Hirst for his impressive descending skills on the Coal Road. The Club Trophy was awarded to Andy Pickering for his remarkable 1st full season that saw him jump from 4th Category to 2nd Category. Finally, the ride of the year went to Neil Robinson for his 3rd place at CDNW Ulverston Road race.

The next day, it was pretty much business as usual. Some stayed in bed, some braved the cold on the club run and some went racing



Left to right: Andy Pickering, Dean Downing, Neil Robinson, Howard Hirst (photo courtesy of Nic Bertrand)