Let’s set the scene first. Saturday afternoon, still glowing from a great ride out in severe weather with James Dunlop, John Dodgin, Chris Morley (and for a brief moment Kipper), I look up again at the Sunday ride list. I know I am supposed to lead the next day’s ride over Bigland — what must be one of my (many) favourite climbs around*. I Look up at the maps online. Mmmm…. Gummers How then Bigland? It was clear the guesstimate of a route that I put forward all those months ago was not going to fly. So, I proceeded to work on a revised ride so the group could drop into Lindale. This is version 1.0 published: “Tomorrow’s club ride route is out. should get some good miles out of that 😉

Fast forward a day. Good miles? Most certainly. Was the route perfect? Well, if you asked us near the top of a climb faced with a forest trail, the anwser would be big fat NO! I’ll show you something though: this trail is definitely called a road:


So to summarise, an “interesting” ride that started fast with a tailwind, got steadier as some of the lanes became unfamiliar, then, in the last hour, got ever so slow as stems were starting to be chewed with gusto 🙂

For the record, only two punctures today. King of punctures today was Julian. 

Best, most spectacular stem chewing seen for a while: Sandy. as the French “C’est le métier qui rentre”.

Best italian exclamations when the lanes became uncharted territory: Paolo 

Best attempt at looking PRO: James Dunlop



Here is the route for future reference. A nifty 81 miles, 5h12 making it a relatively slow 15.6mph average. 



* It’s fair to say, there aren’t many climbs I dislike!