Lune riders have managed to raise around £400 to help local twin girls to walk.


On Sunday, May 19, a group of 24 riders participated in the Lune Racing Cycling Club’s annual Edgar Ride – which is held in memory of the club’s long-serving late secretary, Edgar Philips.


Of those riders, 11 completed the full 130 miles, which involved riding from Dalton Square in Lancaster, to Buttermere and back. The ride took in leg-breaking climbs of Dunmail Raise, Whinlatter Pass and the fearsomely-steep Honister Pass.


The route replicates the first ride completed by Lune riders when the club was established in 1949.


This year club members decided to use the event to raise money for a local cause – the Twins Appeal.  Although the 16-year-old girls – Katie and Emma Sutcliffe – have raised enough for their operation, they still need funds to pay for additional care and treatment.


A brief description of the ride follows:


Lune members turned up in force at Dalton Square at the frighteningly early (especially

Ice-cream fuelled rider tackles Honister

The groupetto in Keswick

130-miles completed

for a Sunday) time of 7.30am. After much chatter, and an early mechanical, the bunch set off to Ambleside and covered the early miles at a decent speed. The group was met at the arranged café stop by riders who chose to do the shorter Ambleside-Ambleside distance, and (mechanical fixed) riders chasing on from Lancaster.


After fuelling up on the traditional cycling fodder of coffee and cake – it is seemingly never too early for cake! – the group headed north, passing Grasmere and starting the first proper climb of the day – Dunmail Raise.


This long drag saw the group fragment and, as riders turned left onto the quieter Thirlmere lane, there was some confusion (also a club tradition) and two riders were lost. After a bit of waiting the group continued its journey north, dropping speedily into Keswick and riding on to begin the ascent of Whinlatter Pass.


Whinlatter saw the worst spell of weather on an otherwise fine day, with a light spot of mist and drizzle. At the top riders waited for the arrival of ride orgniser Ian Breslin, who appeared out of the mist clutching an ice cream cone, served from the van parked part-way up the climb. Not an item usually found in cyclists’ musettes but it seemed to do the trick for Ian.


Riders proceeded to ride up the scenic Buttermere valley to reach the foot of the intimidating Honister Pass. Riders were soon stretched out along the pass’ steep ramps but everyone had their good climbing legs on and made it to the rendezvous at the slate mine.


A fast ride up Borrowdale was followed by a hearty lunch at Booths in Keswick and then the return journey. The highlights of which were the scenic ride back past Thirlmere and the cracking descent of Dunmail Raise to Grasmere, which saw riders hitting speeds around 50mph.


The full 130-mile Edgar riders reached Dalton Square in the early evening for a celebratory photo with everyone sore but happy. And not a single puncture among us!