Howards Heartbreaker

On October 29, 2012 by brez
Sunday morning great an extra hour in bed, on opening the curtains it was hard to imagine that Saturday had been such a beautiful day, grey clouds and rain but hey that is Britain for you, any way it was Howard’s leg breaker ride to day so I didn’t want to disappoint all of  them  Lune riders I arrived in Dalton square at 9.00 and sheltered under the portico of the town hall all on my own even queen victoria didn’t look  amused  the next 15 min saw up to 15 riders all huddled under cover of the town hall steps discussions started about what route we would be taking, ? only one route to day leg breaker excuses soon started “need to be back early” not been on the bike for weeks etc, but also some very positive  talk, that was it now I knew I wouldn’t be riding the full route on my own, steady to High Bentham shedding the early home riders, now the serious ride could commence, Nick was on only his second ride with the club so I kept near the rear of the group to help him out the rain and strong cross winds really tested all the riders on reaching the summit of Lyth fell I said a re- group would take place in Slaidburn, I rode with Nick who wasn’t familiar with the route as the descent’s were very wet to say the least we took it very steady, on crossing a cattle bridge my back light decided to part company you wouldn’t believe how many parts there are in such a tiny light so after nick and I had gathered all the parts we were away again only minutes later I hit a pot hole full of water bo—cks, fixing a puncture in a force 10 gale pi—ng down with numb fingers is not funny, puncture fixed wet gloves back on only to discover your gloves have been sitting in sheep sh-t and whipping it all over your face ho well that’s nature for you, the group waiting at Slaidburn were getting a bit cold so some of the group had decided to carry on to Waddington on there own, so when Nick and myself arrived it was down to a group of seven, so on we went to Newton, and Waddy fell never to see the others again, never have 7 riders looked so much forward to entering that warm cafe in Waddington village, and ordering hot food and drinks the staff put on the heater for us to warm us  up  I apologised when we left as there was a huge puddle were we had been sitting, on leaving the cafe the rain decided to really try our patients, our route would take us to Chipping via Chaigley, the lanes were flooded in many parts to 2ft deep, by this time it was survival mode, through and off chipping came and went, down quiet lanes and villages and on to Scorton, Galgate, university, Lancaster, a great effort by the magnificent 7, Ian Brez, Tony E, Alasdair, Nick, John Barry John from Ireland, and myself Howard, also well done to the guys who probably did the whole ride, Les Tim and another 2 riders that i didnt know, 72 tough miles, well done Lune riders and acquaintances,
                                                                       Howard Hirst.

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