A chilly morning greeted the Lune A run as it gathered in Dalton Square, but don’t get me wrong, there were no complaints as it promised to be a stunning day and it didn’t disappoint. After we’d adjusted our watches to Dunlop Time which lags behind GMT by approximately 10 minutes about 20 riders left for the scheduled Kirkby Lonsdale / Sedbergh / Hawes / Ingleton run. 

Photos by John Dodgin

We exited town via Halton at a brisk but not daft pace and managed to only drop one person on the steady climb out. Already we were bathed in early morning sunshine and the initial chill was being replaced by gradually perspiring group as tops were unzipped and gilets were stashed away. At Sedbergh Chris, Paulo and a few more opted (although probably not by personal choice) for the shorter route going back via Barbon. The rest motored on toward Hawes keeping it steady enough for most to hang in at the pace with the “Youths” either charging off up the road – which John sorted with a whistle and command “to heel” that wouldn’t have been out of place on “one man and his dog” and others keeping the old lags company at the rear of the bunch.


Hawes saw a brief shop stop and then Scott and John D set the pace up the climb toward Ribble Head in pursuit of Sandy + Ben but they weren’t going to be caught despite my efforts to hang on to Sandys saddle as he sped past. We re-grouped at the top of the climb and pushed on with a bit of yo-yoing to Ingleton and John managing to bridge the gap to the breakaway (Sandy + Ben). Mark tried valiantly to divert the group into the café at Ingleton but to no avail, the possibility of a bit of afternoon sunbathing on the prom was clearly driving the boys on. I haven’t had a café stop on a Lune run for more than a year now; the rural café economy must be in meltdown!  


A  few signs of weariness were appearing but fortunately John D picked up a puncture at Ravens Close giving us a brief respite and Mark entertained us with a demonstration of his new “line dancing” routine – and very good it was too. Neil also picked up a bit of recognition for his strong form despite looking like he was about to keel over. Normal service was resumed and the pace eventually began to build to the usual finale of the Caton Road sprint, which was led out by Scott and John D – no NOT John A for a change who led the charge for the line but was eased past by Neil (clearly on good form) in the last 20m.


So ended a glorious day on the bike the stats were 76 miles (from DS) / 1650m climbing / 18mph.  


Clive Davis