An update to my previous post re Capenwray Ladies Road Race. I found out from British Cycling at the beginning of the week that it had been decided that this race had been dropped from the National Womens Series Calender. There are already two national series races in the North West, The Cheshire Classic and Blackpool 2 day race ‘Surf and Turf'(these both have websites, videos etc, if you are interested).
I’ve been a little slow in posting this info as I think there will be a regional Womens Series of 5 road races being considered by CDNW and I wanted to make certain of my info this time. I think this sounds like a good thing so fingers crossed. I realise that there are no women who race in the club so the above info may be of limited interest , I hope not. I think any initiative like this deserves some support . Also there will be a series of womens crits at Salt Ayre in March , these were put on last year, and supported by Bradley, and Cath Wiggins (who raced in them). I went to watch some , good fun!.
Will post updates