Many thanks to Heff for looking after the Lune Forum for many years even 5 years after moving away from Lancaster. As you may have noticed activity on the Lune forum is no longer what it used to be with much of the club’s banter taking place on Twitter and Facebook nowadays, for very good reasons. (Ah the good old days…)

One could have started to wonder whether the Lune RCC forum was worth keeping until a discussion at this year’s Lune AGM led to a decision to revitalise the forum! Nostalgia for the good old days? Anyhow, I have, since yesterday, accepted to take over David as adminstrator of the forum.

In less that 20h there has been as many as twenty “spam” user account registrations. That’s obviously a bit of an administrative overhead that wasn’t anticipated for something only a few in the club use or even read. So, my message is: use it or loose it or one of the few who want to keep the forum because it used to be good in the old days to come forward and administer it 🙂

Again many thanks to David for looking after the forum for such a long time. 

Because of the amount of “fake” new registrations, if you are a real person who has just joined the club and has registered to use the forum, give me a shout over on twitter – I’ll oblige to activate your account 😉

Nic (@nichbuick