Photos by John Agnew, Report by Scott Morley

Eleven riders departed from Dalton Square in still and relatively mild if rather misty conditions for a hilly ride over Jeffrey Hill and Waddington Fell. A steady pace meant the group was able to stay together on the way out through Scorton and Inglewhite. As the gradient increased leaving Longridge the group started to splinter, with the leading riders soon being joined by Clive who unexpectedly appeared through the mist riding in the opposite direction.  
After regrouping at the top of the climb the group pressed on towards Waddington, with John Agnew taking an unlucky spill due to a slick covering of mud on the bridge after the descent of Chaigley. Thankfully no serious damage was done, a few bruises and a torn overshoe being the only results of the crash and the group were soon back on their bikes.

 With two riders deciding to take a cafe stop at the Bashall Barn and three more taking a more direct route home shortly after, the now depleted group headed on up Waddington Fell, the most challenging climb of the day. The second incident of the ride came when, nearing the top of the climb and riding strongly at the front, John Didsbury suffered a snapped chain. Thankfully Clive was able to come to the rescue with a suitable split link and a group effort saw the chain swiftly fixed and the riders moving again, with a now recovered John A taking the honours at the top of Waddington Fell.

 The group took a rolling route back through Dunsop Bridge, Chipping and over Oakenclough, a good hilly four hour ride and sixty five miles door to door from Lancaster.

Scott Morley