While as a new member I realise I may not understand the way things/races work and what is required to put them on and my post may not be very welcome but….dropping the ladies road race feels like a huge backward step. I attended the AGM on Tues at the Lime Burners (interesting place ) It was heartening when the first topic brought up was womens racing but my heart started to sink when I realised that it was just more of the same ,…. oh what a shame but there we are, no call for it, nothing to be done … its all the fault of British cycling, ….I guess I had hoped for a more positive attitude.
But at least we do put on a Ladies road race which is part of the national series….or did… when it came to the part of the meeting where dates were decided, the race was dropped , lack of entrants?
lack of marshalls?, lack of interest?
Also I take some responsibilty as I said nothing, my excuse being I was new , dont really know about racing and all these guys have been doing it for a long time. But now I feel strongly that i have to say something not just sit back and watch as womens racing slowly disappears.
The womens race over the last four years has included 4 Olympic gold medal winners Trott, Rowsall, Storey, and King, a junior world champion, Garner and was won in 2009 by Leanne who beat Laura Trott. As a racing club we drop this race !!
Surely a great PR opportunity