On Mark R.’s suggestion 8 of the Lune RCC as well as Biketreks Racing Team junior Jake Cowen assembled at the auspiciously named meeting point Doomgate in Appleby. The masterplan was to climb over Hartside, down Alston over to Garrigill and back to Doomgate – in the process of which would be to catch some last British summer before Autumn really sets in (ha ha!)

The outcome of the ride was a different route that saw the group having an unexpected cafe stop at the top of Hartside and rerouted run (we’ll call that run the “Hartside bypass from now on).

good spirits, riding in the clouds, complimentary big bags, a never ending loop into Appleby thanks to Clive and his notorious map sum this ride up. It’s not so grim up north. winter is going to fun.