On Mark R.’s suggestion 8 of the Lune RCC as well as Biketreks Racing Team junior Jake Cowen assembled at the auspiciously named meeting point Doomgate in Appleby. The masterplan was to climb over Hartside, down Alston over to Garrigill and back to Doomgate – in the process of which would be to catch some

Mal/Edgar ride 2012

Here’s a report on the Mal ride written by John Butler andsome photos Trev and I took on the day. As the Edgar ride hasn’t happened again this year and Mal had never ridden up Harknott or Wrynose when we saw the forecast was dry for Sunday we organised the Mal/Edgar run – sorry to

The “Mal Ride”

    Ian Breslin reports: I picked John butts up this morning who slipped into the conversation we would be doing Hardknott and Wrynose as part of Mals things to do before you die list (hopefully not immediately before I thought). So that was me in and no turning back. First up, old Lindale followed

Lancaster CC Spoco

Circuit of the Lune Valley After last weeks flirtatious with hypothermia it felt positively tropical as temperatures reached double figures for Lancaster cc’s round of the Lakes and Lancs Spoco league. After a swift kick up the backside after last weeks debacle, I managed to arrive at signing on in plenty of time and was

B Club Run 11 March. Dent

Howard’s runs list ended with the Coal Road; some of us vets hope to keep the formal club runs going at least up until Easter as this saves time deciding where to go from Dalton Square and gives members an idea of distance, destination etc. I know some members who are Fred Whitton and Etape

Circuit of Pendle spoco TT.

The Circuit of Pendle. An epic fail of a day, how not to go racing. We’ve all heard the saying “he won that in the car park”, referring to good judgment and planning before an event giving you the advantage in the race. Well I did the opposite, lack if focus cost me what might