Coal Road under snow

Been round the Coal Road route today; all clear except the Coal Road itself In some places ice hard snow covers the road. Too risky to sent the ride over. Will revert to Plan B which we had to use about 3 years ago Normal route to check point at Garsdale Head, straight down Garsdale

Coal Road Update

Gordon Helme will be joining me on Friday to check the route. Following the large turnout last year and the competition from our motor cycle chums, we have decided to ‘sign on’ and finish in the car park. The assembly point for the starts will take place as usual in the lay-by area. Groups will

Coal Road Challenge 2013 LUNE RCC Reliability Ride Sunday 24th February. Bull Beck Picnic Site, CATON. 67miles. Reliability Rides have been a feature of club cycling for over 100 years.  They are NOT RACES and are organised to require each entrant to ride over a pre-set course within an agreed time. The route is planned to necessitate all-round

Coal Road Challenge 2012

Coal Road Challenge Feb 24 same route same 3 starts full details here next week. Last year being special it was widely advertised and the 155 entries raised £1000 for Gordon but tested the organisation to the full. I want to return to up to 100 club level riders. Howard helped in 2012 by collecting

Club clothing

Due to an administrative cockup on my behalf, I’ll be placing another small order of clothing in a couple of weeks. So if you missed out last time get in touch, sooner rather than later. And for all those people who did order stuff, come and collect it, I don’t want it cluttering up my

Howards Heartbreaker

Sunday morning great an extra hour in bed, on opening the curtains it was hard to imagine that Saturday had been such a beautiful day, grey clouds and rain but hey that is Britain for you, any way it was Howard’s leg breaker ride to day so I didn’t want to disappoint all of  them 

AGM Report

Provisional dates for 2013 races; Aughton 3-4 cats 21st April Capernwray 2-3-4 cats 9th June These may change depending on BC or even CDNW Members are asked to marshal at least one race Club Dinner Tony will try to book the Dinner at the Bowling Green Lancaster on 21st Dec This to be confirmed and